About Us

We are a business & user experience-first design and
development company.

What we do

At Techub, we believe in working really closely with our clients &
partners to create and improve their businesses - resulting in amazing
and superior experiences for everyone.


User Interface & Experience Design

Website Design & Development

Mobile App Design & Development

E-Commerce Development & Integration

Backend Management Systems

Software Customization & Integration

Software Enhancement & Maintenance

Hosting & Domain Support


Dedicated Technology Team

Offshore Technology Facility


Business Idea Conceptualization

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Web and Mobile Analytics

industries knowledge
product built & launched
successful partnerships
We are on a mission to improve and add value to the lives of people
through technology

working with us

Working with us is easy & simple.
These are the 4 most common ways of working with us and they can
be mixed, matched, tweaked accordingly to suit your needs.

This is our bread & butter – software design & development. Our entire team comes with years of experience and a very diverse set of expertise with their depth respectively.

On top of designing and developing the software, we can provide advice on your business model, process, or implementation too. This is harnessed from our team of veterans whom individually have had their experience and knowledge in running their own companies and managing their own teams so we can reduce the steepness of the learning curve for you and potentially reduce the mistakes made.


Should you wish to manage the product design & development yourself, we can support that too by providing you the relevant skilled resources who can bring the relevant expertise and experience. This can be a more cost-efficient model should your requirements be constantly changing and you require technology resources on an ad-hoc basis or short-term.

However, if you require a technology team for yourself instead, we can provide those resources to you too by building a team for you and either passing them to you after we have built the team or continue managing them for you.


We partner with both startups and investors to co-build businesses that we believe in. Some of our partnerships/products arise internally instead though. Once the idea becomes serious, we will find the right people to work on it together to bring it to the next level.

As of date, we are proud to have had successful partnerships with 3 local startups and 1 internal project that was recently spun-off as a startup on its own with angel investor funding!


We provide a retainer service where we support dynamic changes to your business and growth model. This will be a long term partnership where you can have quick & reliable access to our expertise when you require resources such as a developer or design on an ad-hoc basis.

In this arrangement, you do not need to incur the fixed overhead of getting more internal resources just for a short-term need, but instead, you get to achieve flexibility in manpower through complementing your own team with ours, or entirely outsourcing your requirements & needs to us.


Our clients span from huge & global enterprises to brave and
adventurous startups with grand visions for the world. Here are some
of the companies we have been fortunate to work with.

our team


We are constantly growing, training, and finding the best and likeminded people. Character matters as much as performance to us.


Trust, always doing the right thing, and open communication.

Customer value creation

Our products & services have to bring value to our customers/partners and they people they serve.


We do not settle for common/accepted knowledge or processes but we definitely do not apply creativity just for the sake of it.


Harmony and fit within our team and processes are vital but this is not enough. True wonder happens when we achieve the same with our customers and partners.


We believe strongly in working among people who think differently, have different cultures, and come from different backgrounds.

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